We do quite a few custom orders here at Custom Conversation Hearts.

Here are a few that we’ve done recently:
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customsweethearts customized candy hearts basic packaging custom printed candy hearts
custom heart candy example printed candy hearts fk irons custom candy hearts packaging

Our clients include:

att henribendel toyota
Marc-jacobs charlotte-olympia JWMarriott

If you are looking for custom packaging for your custom candy hearts we offer the following services:

Custom Packaging – Basic

We can pack your candy in smaller packs of any quantity you would like per bag.

Custom Printed Packaging

Yes, we can print your name or logo on the packaging.

Custom Packages Shipped Directly to Your Clients

We can handle the entire mailing for you including delivering the candy hearts in your custom packages to your clients.

Campaign Conception and Execution

Not sure what to print on your candy hearts? Let us know the goals of your campaign and who you are targeting and we can help you come up with what messages would be best for your custom candy hearts.


Please contact us at info@customcandyhearts.com with details on your Custom Project and we will be happy to send you a quote.

You can also visit us at www.candybranded.com for basic custom packaging pricing and examples.